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 Benefits of Suryasana: The sun is considered the “Lord of creation”, which every morning wakes up the universe. Therefore, the sun is one of the important deities in the Veda and is personified as Surya. Suryasna is a kind of yoga in which humans perform salutation the life-giving energy.

Suryasana is a fundamental set of 12 postures to step into a higher state of consciousness that reflects purity. This entire process is another name for creating your wonderful day. It is the most proven cardiovascular workout of a high order, it is also so much meditative, relaxing, and toning body stretch. Therefore, it possesses tremendous benefits such as physical and mental strength, balanced energies, better command over the body, inner peace, calmness of mind, etc…

This whole article is dedicated to understanding the benefits of Suryasana and all 12 fundamental sets of 12 postures.

Benefits of Suryasana

Easy weight loss: This is an untapped physical exercise that you can do at home without any equipment but the result will shock you because it is one of the most intensive physical exercises that work on every part of the body. Increase the number of rounds and watch the pounds start to disappear. The bends and stretches help you lose flab evenly

Facial-like glow: Suryasana can keep your skin young as it helps to improve blood circulation to all parts of the body. This also helps the skin retain its firmness, and increases energy and vitality.

As noted above it helps to make your mind stressed free thus preventing the onset of wrinkles.

Enhance intuition: The sun is traditionally connected to the Manipura chakra, known as Solar Plexus or Navel Center. It’s also 2nd brain of the body where all the nerves meet, so expansion of the solar plexus develops your intuitive ability.

Hair Care: Suryasana activates the blood circulation to the scalp thus it prevents hair fall and grows new hair and different poses help prevent graying of hair.

Healthy Menstrual cycles: Poses of Suryansana stimulate sluggish glands like the thyroid gland and induce it to increase hormonal secretions thus it maintains healthy menstrual cycles and never lets wrinkles visible on the face.

Children’s health: Competition is all around and this is what makes children and adults stressed and less productive which is taking our attention span away but Suryasana can improve your concentration and attention Spain drastically.

Tones the entire body: Suryasana is a correct posture of the body altogether and none of the other exercises can challenge the result of toning of the body.

Strengthens muscles and joints: Being habitual of Suryasana can make it as flexible as rubber which is no doubt a good sign of strengthening muscles and joints, doing this can make you away from arthritis pain.

Reduces Blood Sugar Level: It’s a very good practice for diabetic patience as Suryasana improves blood circulation and the management of insulin in the body.

Fundamental 12 poses of Suryasana

Namaskar surya 1 - Fit Kilter

  1. Prayer Pose is called Namaste
  2. Raised arms pose/ up & down pose
  3. Hands-to-feet pose/ forward and down
  4. Plank pose/other legs back
  5. Horse rider pose/ right leg back
  6. Cobra pose/ Bhujangasana
  7. Prostration pose/ Ashtanga Pranam
  8. Downward-facing dog/ Downward dog
  9. Horse rider pose/ Right leg front
  10. Hands-to-feet pose/Other leg fronts
  11. Raised arms pose/ Up and back
  12. Prayer Pose/ Namaste

There are many non-challenged benefits of Suryasana but that can be experienced when you startt doing it and see wonderful results in no time.

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