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No More Mistakes With BENEFITS OF AMLA

No More Mistakes With BENEFITS OF AMLA

It’s been observed that ancient people used to live longer than today one as their lifestyle was created with herbs of nature. Therefore, diseases were minimal but the story has changed over time and drugs took place of nature but then also we Indians still use Kadha and turmeric milk or mustard oil to cure cough colds, and pain in the body. There is a huge list of herbs but today we will only be discussing one of the most common medicinal herbs that have been widely used in ayurvedic medicine Amla. You will be amazed to know the nature of amla and its medicinal properties in this article.

Magic Of Amla

As taught Amla is a very good source of vitamin C, numerous experimental pieces of evidence have shown that it increases the red blood cells and promotes strong immunity

This can be taken as an energy drink, one teaspoon of amla powder along with honey in the morning can improve the freshness and strength of the body.

In anemia therapy: Amla is a good absorption agent of iron. It helps to reduce iron deficiency due to the ascorbic acid of amla.

Effects on urinary stones: It’s very common to have stones that cause stress and poor health but amla powder with radish can break the stones present in the urinary bladder and wash them out through urine. Just twice a day in the morning and evening can prevent you from unbearable pain and money to spend on an operation

Relieves leucorrhea: Many females face a major problem of discharge of white mucous material, this is a clear indication of infection and it generates a lack of sense, but thankfully 3 gms of powdered amla with 6 gms of honey every day for one month can cure this problem for always.

Action on toxins: Some of the toxins may be stored in the liver by regular uptake of painkillers, antibiotics, medication, and alcohol consumption. Amla prevents the body from these toxins by strengthening the liver thereby amla act as a good detoxifier and helps to purify the blood.

Improves body weight: It assists in balancing nitrogen levels and increasing protein levels very well, which helps in increasing your weight. Amla contains minerals including chromium, zinc, and copper, which help in maintaining the proper functioning of the metabolic activities of the body.

Relieves headache: Applying mixtures of amla with buttermilk makes temperature reduction and gives chillness to the head, and its paste reduces headache.

Action on diabetes: Amla can control high blood pressure. Triphala comprises three herbs namely amla, Harada, and bihara. The blood sugar level may be increased by the action of an enzyme alanine transaminase which is present in the liver. This enzyme can be normalized by taking one teaspoonful of this mixture (equal quantities of amla, Jamun, and bitter gourd powder) once or twice per day. Chromium, a mineral present in amla fruits responsible for the anti-diabetic effect.

Good for reproductive health: Amla can increase sperm count and acts as an aphrodisiac and also cure white discharge in the female body.

Migraine: Migraine can reduce productivity it is a severe vascular headache that is generally observed in females rather than men. This is cured by applying the paste made of dried amla powder with kumkum, Neel kamal, and rose water.

Piles: chronic piles problem can be cured with fresh amla juice with half a teaspoon of ghee and a teaspoon of honey and 100gms of milk after taking lunch.

Arthritis: Gout is nothing but an inflammation of the big toe caused by defects in uric acid metabolism resulting in acid deposits and their salts in the blood and joints. This problem is cured by taking amla juice with old ghee makes softens joints and helps in curing gout and also removes the spots caused by measles, chicken pox, and smallpox.

There are numerous benefits of amla that can be described as a whole thick book. Therefore, this amla is a jack of all trades, if taking amla daily is your habit, you will never be going to the doctor and shining like a moon.

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