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Why wait when your beautiful life is just a knock away?

Tired of loosing weight or tired of crash boring diets — tried everything still not able to loose weight than do it FK way

Post Pregnancy Transformation

Pregnancy is an amazing feeling for women. Of course, it brings many changes to your body and helps it grow to fit in with a new life. There are a variety of changes. including weight gain, loose skin, and changes in hormones. However, it also makes the women feel under-confident and unhappy with the changes that are clearly visible on their bodies, making them look ugly. You’re not alone. Let’s explore some of the ways to lose weight and get back to your pre-pregnancy body with Fit Kilter.

Main causes of post pregnancy weight gain

There are many different causes of post pregnancy weight gain. Some women may find that their bodies are simply more inclined to store fat after having a baby. Others may struggle with emotional eating or have trouble making time for proper nutrition and exercise.

Hormonal changes: After a baby is born, a million hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. It can cause her body to hold on to extra weight.

Emotional eating: It’s obvious for mothers to eat more food to comfort themselves. If not tracked, it can lead to weight gain.

Lack of sleep: Sleep deprivation is common among new parents. It can welcome hunger and cravings, which can result in weight gain.

Poor diet: A poor diet is the main root cause of post pregnancy weight gain. Eating processed foods, sugary snacks, and drinking too much alcohol can all contribute to unwanted pounds creeping on after baby arrives.

Here comes FIT KILTERIAN Solution

We know it’s tough to get back in shape after a pregnancy. You’re probably tired and may not have the time or energy to work out like you did before you had your little one. But don’t be afraid—the FitKilter team is with you.

Our 1-on-1 training, tailored nutrition plan, certified coaches, and panel of doctors and health check-ups will fit you in no time.

How to Get a Personalized Plan?

Step 1

Booking a consultation

Speak about your health history and day-in, day-out habits to our finest and certified coach to monitor an effective Post pregnancy reversal strategy.

Step 2

Customizing your plan

Building visionary routine/practice across 4 key aspects of life to lessen your Post Pregnancy expression with our humanize coaching to align your needs.

Step 3

Monitoring your progress

Enroll with your committed coach to chase your development and adhere to concerns, if any.

Book A Consultation

  • Get your certified FIT KILTER coach
  • Speak out about your Post Pregnancy plan
  • Get your full-fledged unbiased plan
  • Cure this and bring back your colors of life.

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Group Sessions

Fashion does not come from your branded clothes but from a healthy body, so let’s be more fashionable each day with FIT KILTER. We schedule your flexible group session with 10 super cool people for an hour over zoom to make you branded enough within.

3 Months

₹ 9,999


6 Months

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